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Well Woman Exams

Our well woman exam is just one of the services we provide at Serenity Gynecology. This area of our care focuses on both common and little-known conditions discovered in the reproductive organs in children, teens and adult females.

Here are six basics you should know regarding a well woman exam.

1. It’s all about preventive health

As you age, your body changes and experiences new challenges. A well woman visit helps you to understand your own personal health threats and how to avoid them.

2. It’s a time to ask questions

It’s a time to discuss your stress levels, nutrition, mood, medications, sex life, family’s health history – nothing is off the table. This information helps your health care provider determine what’s important to you and what he or she should screen you for.

3. A good relationship with your provider is key

Your provider should meet you in the middle and show a genuine interest in your health, with no judgment. Allowing yourself to build trust in that relationship will increase the likelihood of a satisfactory visit.

4. It’s not always just one appointment

While the well-woman visit is often talked about as a single, annual visit, it doesn’t always stop there. For example, if you’ve got a history of breast cancer in your family, your provider might decide that you should get a mammogram.

5. You shouldn’t be charged for certain preventive services, including well woman visits

Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive services should be covered by insurance with no out-of-pocket costs. Be sure to say you’re coming in for a well woman visit when you schedule your appointment(s).

6. The contents of your well-woman visit are up to you and your provider

As far as services go, your visit(s) could include any/some of the following depending on your current health status:


  • Contraceptive counseling

  • Alcohol misuse screening

  • Blood pressure screening

  • Cholesterol screening

  • Depression screening

  • Nutrition and diet counseling

  • HIV screening

  • Vaccines and immunizations

  • STI screening

The care of our female patients is performed in a positive, healing environment, utilizing a team approach.  We are aware that there are some gynecologic problems and conditions that are unique to a specific age group and therefore require different skills than those needed when treating adults.

Our goal is to provide compassionate and quality healthcare to our patients of all ages. Our expertise in this area, together with our state-of-the-art technology, permits us to customize each treatment plan according to our patient’s unique situation.

With each patient we treat, we pay special attention to the protection of her future fertility and reproductive abilities.  We recommend that our young patients have a well woman exam within a year after she has her first menstrual period, which typically occurs around the age of 12.

Want To Learn More About Our Well Woman Exams Service?

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